NOTE: Please read our FAQ before making your purchase.

  • For shipping

    -SGD 32 means you have purchased 2 packs of 250g at SGD 16 net

    -SGD 64 means you have purchased 4 packs of 250g SGD 16 net

    -For Ethiopian selection, we have decided to include all limited edition coffees on random basis

    -Choose free subscription mailing

    -No recurring charges 

    -Min 2 Packs of 250g each order

    -Pay for the frequency supplies and we will deliver to you monthly 

    -Weekly / fornightly delivery is no longer available (due to overwhelming response)

    -We deliver on monthly basis as of 05th Oct 2020


    Should you wish to delay the your shipment of coffee, do contact us at either or WhatsApp 98894598. Your shipment of coffee can be delayed up to a maximum holding period of 1 year. All subscriptions are strictly non-refundable.

    Subscribe your favorite Espresso blend for Manual Machine

    Choose how frequent you drink your coffee
    Filtered / Espresso

    Example 1: You order SGD 32 for Filter Brazil - Weekly

    We will deliver to you 2 packs of 250g. 


    Example 2: You order SGD 32 for Espresso blend for manual, Brazil - Monthly

    We will deliver to you on the current and following month.


    Example 3: You order SGD 64 for Assortment Espresso blend for an automatic machine - Monthly on 4th October 2020

    We will deliver to you in October, November, December and January 

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