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  • Product name: Alisan tea

    Material: Alisan tea green land

    Origin: 1200 meters above sea level

    Weight: 300g

    Taste: Note: The higher the altitude, the more difficult it is to maintain the high cold and fresh frangrance of the high altitude, this special "mountain air" is produced by a low-frementation and frangrance preparation method to make tea with light frangrance, sweetness and long term brewing. This tea is not bitter but it is only high-altitude oolong tea.

    Aroma: Refreshing dried flowers on the nose

    High grade: Strictly selected grade

    Processing Methods: Light Fermentation

    Preservation: Two years


    The climate in the high mountains of Alisan is cold, morning and evening covered by clouds and fog, uneven sunshine is short, and the bitter and astringent components of tea buds and leaves are reduced, thereby improving the sweetness of the tea. 


    At the same time, due to the large temperature difference between day and night the tea tree grows slowly, the tea leaves are soft and the aroma is refreshing and clear floral, with a fresh and sweet taste, which has the classic characteristics of Alisan tea, 


    Brewing Alisan tea with Gongda tea set, you will be able to taste more complexity.


    Conversely the lower the altitude of the tea, the longer the fermentation and longer it takes to remove the bitterness from the tea. 

    Taiwan Alishan Mountain Tea

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