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Enjoy monthly subscription of Coffee. 

Minimum order 2 packs.

Prices for each pack of 250g

Brazil SGD 16 

Colombia SGD 17 

Ethiopian SGD 18

An assortment of Filter coffees SGD 17.50

Assortment of Esp for Manual Machine SGD 16

(i.e Ghost rider, Sweet Monkey, Brazil Campos)

Assortment of Esp for Auto Machine SGD 16

(i.e.Dockyard, Hotel, Raffles blend)

A monthly supply of coffees you have ordered will be sent to you.


We roast and pack your coffee order and we send it out to you via postage monthly.

1. How often you consume your coffee?
2. Select your coffee a week/fortnightly/monthly
3. Receive coffee within 3-5 working days 

Note that

Selecting the number of quantity will determine the frequency / length of your choice Weekly / Twice a Month / Monthly.

How it works


Subscribe your favorite Brazil at SGD 16

Subscribe your favorite Colombia at SGD 17 

Subscribe your favorite Ethiopian at SGD 18

Subscribe your favorite Assortment at SGD 17.5

Subscribe your Espresso blend for Manual machine at SGD 16 

Subscribe your Espresso blend for Automatic Coffee machine at SGD 16