Rental: Sapoe Instant Machine  

Dockyard Coffee is proud to offer the Instant machine from Sapoe Lease on a yearly basis.

Featuring up to 3 powder options, it's highly versatile and ideal for medium to large-sized offices with varying drink preferences.

If you are interested in leasing a Sapoe Instant Machine from us, do drop us an email at

Sapoe Instant Machine 


Recommended  Daily. Max hourly output: up to 100 cups 

Outer dimensions (width / height** / depth): 300 /410/630mm 

Powder Canister Quantity: up to 3 powder canisters 

Water Supply Tank:  Approximately 4.3 litres

Empty weight depending on configuration: Approximately 16 kg

Power: 220V/ 50 Hz

Powder Options:

1) Cultivar Tea-Tarik 

2) Cultivar White Coffee 3 in 1 with Sugar

3) Cultivar Hot Chocolate

4) Cultivar Holick

Rental Price: $85 Monthly with $ 200 Deposit*

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Drop us an Email or Message: 

+65 9889 4598

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