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Catherine Juay,

Petshop Owner

Dockyard Coffee has been my trusted source of coffee beans and coffee machine for my business since 2015, because they continue to deliver exceptional service and quality of coffee beans over the years. Needless to say, we will continue to order coffee from Dockyard Coffee in the years to come. 

Pawel Ostrowski,

Office Manager

Riyan is one of the most professional person I met in Singapore. Very responsible, responsive and reliable. He will always adjust for the client needs. I know I can count on him that is why I choose him to collaborate together.

Adeline Hwee, 

Finance Head

I have been drinking coffee roasted by Dockyard Coffee for more than two years, and still find its coffee top-notch -aromatic and smooth. The beans complement well with JURA coffee machine. Quality is consistently good and it's a brand I can always count on for a great morning cuppa!

Jennifer Koh,

Management Officer

I am quite particular with the coffee I drink and what I like about Dockyard Coffee is that they are willing to accommodate the taste of coffee I prefer. Good quality and personable service are what keep me coming back to order more coffee!  

Mr Sim,


Dockyard Coffee is my preferred choice of coffee to keep me going through the day. I prefer to brew Dockyard Coffee beans on filter to taste the coffee in its fullest flavours. Delivery of coffee is always very prompt which is important to me as I need my caffeine daily!