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JURA machines are designed and built to be serviced with a special type of diagnostic software, the JURA Animation System. A similar tool, JURA Terminal 4000 is catered for GIGA X-series Machines. These software allow us to accurately diagnose and identify the actual problem.

For us, Servicing is more than just changing faulty parts. We decalcify and clean the machine from inside out to remove all possible limescale and coffee oils built up over time. A JURA Decalcifying & Cleaning Station allows us to clean even those hard to reach parts of a machine.

After the service, we perform an outgoing test to ensure that all functions of the machines have been tested before the machine is returned to the customer.

All servicing works are done behind our “Glass” JURA Service Centre, clients are welcomed to view how the entire servicing process is carried out.

We only accept machines for servicing with a power supply of 230V, 50 Hz designed and built to function in Singapore without any adaption.


All JURA Machines are repaired and serviced in JURA Service Centre only.

We offer the following Servicing:



SGD $60

Quick Servicing only applies to customers facing issues with their machine.


Our Technicians conduct immediate and  on-site repair without the use of any internal spare parts.


No Cleaning or Descaling Process will be executed.


A typical case might be the removal of harden Milk from the Frother or clearing a Grinder from harden Coffee or a foreign object.


If any decorative parts must be replaced, it shall be billed accordingly.

The estimated

time required servicing the machine shall not exceed 30 Minutes.








SGD $120

Minor Servicing applies to small machines not larger than an office sized machine.

The machine will be tested with the Animation System and replacement of minor parts, arising from wear & tear, if necessary. A full cleaning and descaling service will be conducted on the machine.


Servicing Includes

  • Transport 

  • Perform descaling

  • Clean grinder

  • Dismantle brewing unit for cleaning

  • Check for leaks

  • Deep cleaning on the drip tray

  • Replace brew unit parts (2 x O ring)

  • Remove roaches

  • Free coffee 250g


SGD $180

Major Servicing  applies to situations in which one or more major parts of the machine have failed.

These parts include:

  • The Brewer

  • The Grinder

  • The Pump

  • Any Electronic Board


Services include full servicing and labour for repair, parts are not inclusive of the package. 


We will only proceed replacement upon customer's consent to repair by signing the Quotation provided.

The cost of a Major Service is based on the machine's Article Number and is pre-defined by our system. 


SGD $100

In event when  Servicing is not needed, only repair will be performed. We will provide a service to repair only. Parts are excluded. Repair fee of SGD $100 will be collected upfront.

  • Fill beans message

  • Insert drip tray error

  • Error 8 (brew unit)

  • Error 6 etc

Unique cases such as 8-10 years machine or Australian machine. Parts may need time to order from Swiss. Upon quoting, the customer may find it not worth to repair further.  We will return the machine as it is and return SGD $20. SGD $80 is incurred for labour to examine and transport.  

An Article number must be provided by the customer first before we take up the job so that we can advise further.  For cooperate client we will provide a Quotation and shall wait for the PO before accepting the machine for Service job.

There is no Warranty on the service executed, but there is a three months warranty on Parts changed during the Repair and Servicing. 

However, should a repeated servicing be necessary which can be clearly attributed to the gross negligence Dockyardcoffee , the repeated Servicing shall be free of charge.




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