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  • Farm: Fazenda Paraíso

    Varietal: Red Catuai

    Processing: Natural Process

    Altitude: 1100 m.a.s.l.

    Town / City: Carmo do Paranaíba – MG

    Region: Cerrado Mineiro

    Rank: 1


    Dry Aroma: Pineapples

    Aroma/Flavor: Red Fruit, Almond, and chocolate, Floral, Lively, Brown Sugar after cup cools

    Notes: Milk Chocolate, Red Pistachio, Brown Sugar


    This coffee is the best Brazil we had so far. We reduced the price to make it a regular and easy daily option for our consumers. We brought this delicate coffee into Singapore with our coffee roaster friend to share how this amazing coffee around.  This coffee scored 93.26. It was an auction lot, this exceptional red catuai is rarely seen in the coffee market as it is always sold out every year. We secured a lot 5kg for yourselves. This coffee variety offers Red Fruit, Almond, and chocolate, Floral, Lively, Sweetness. It makes can be your daily coffee consumption and its very easy to drink. We finished 250ml in 3 minutes. Brazil are rarely complex in flavor with a balanced, medium body, this coffee has a smooth mouthfeel, with chocolate notes in the clean finish. Get this coffee before its gone. 


    Coffee processing system

    Processing is natural. The coffee is picked at the perfect stage of maturation, presenting a maximum of 10% green coffee cherries. After the harvest, the coffee passes through a bean selector to create the micro-lots. When the coffee comes from the fields, it goes through equipment that removes sticks, straw, stones and beans with full defects, as well as leaves. The objective of this first selection is to have only ideal fruits, through color selection (analyzing close to 160 points on the surface of the fruit), will be separated into green, ripe and overripe/dry (floaters), with three different exit spouts. The difference between this process and the traditional washing and drying process is that no water is used at any moment. This enables the farm to reduce problems with fermentation and increase the quality of the beans by not wearing away the outer skin. It also promotes more uniform drying by not mixing fruits at different stages of maturation.The stage of maturation chosen for this lot was ripe cherry. The lot was fermented for 36 hours in tanks until the mass reached 25°C. Then the coffee was taken to African beds to dry, spread in 30 cm layers for two days. The drying is slower, resulting in a higher-quality and more uniform coffee, with exotic, fruity notes. The improved aeration better inhibits the growth of undesirable microorganisms (fermentation).

    Concern about quality

    Fazenda Paraíso is extremely concerned with quality. At every stop along the process, there is exceptional control of quality, from production, post-harvest, warehousing and extensive quality control. The sensorial profile and traceability of each plot on the farm is known. This is fundamental and directly affects the quality of the product, resulting in a high-quality, consistent product for consumers.


    History of the farm

    The history of the Andrade family in the production of and love for coffee began in 1901, when the producer’s ancestors arrived in Carmo do Paranaíba, in the high Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. In the 1970s, the Andrade brothers, the third generation of the family, reestablished coffee farms in the region.Fazenda Paraíso is one of the oldest in the region. The farm has well-defined seasons, an altitude of around 1100 m.a.s.l. and balanced rain and heat. Nature does its job, and the brothers learned from their ancestors that the least they could do is respect the environment, thus they always strive to preserve it as well as possible.

    Brazil - Fazenda Paraíso (COE 2019)

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    Filter / Espresso - 250g

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