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  • Coffee Information 

    Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Central America
    Varietal: Caturra 
    Processed: Patio Sun Dried

    Farm Altitude:1 200 m - 1 800 m 

    Main export for Costa Rica: Pineapples and bananas

    Dry Aroma : Faint Rasins

    Wet Aroma :  Butter sugar

    Taste: Milk Chocolate, Bitter Sweet Cocoa Nibs

    Structure: Clean and extremely balanced coffee

    Aftertaste: Blacktea with clean finish

    Suitable for: Filter/Espresso/Automatic Machine


    The farm of Sonia Vega is located in Llano Bonito de Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica. You may find similarities in terms of taste between South American and Central American.  There is still yet a distinction such as Brazil vs Costa Rica - Costa Rica has a cleaner and sweeter aftertaste. This lot from Sonia Vega is a good example of the transparency found in many of the mechanically-washed Costa Rican coffees, balanced sweetness, moderate acidity, and a clean finish.


    Only 20 bags of 250g are available. Based on first come first serve basis. We have cupped and tasted this cup during cupping session at Mercanta Singapore. 


    The dry grounds have a faint raisin smell, but are dominated by brown sugar and spice accents but subtle profile. The wet crust shows prominent sweet smell of butter and sugar compounded all together, a caramelizing scent that builds when breaking through the crust. City roasts have a tannic quality. like the cleansing aspect of black tea, and is accompanied by a sweetness I liken to unrefined sugars. I say this from time to time, but the coffee has a flavor that reminds me of "Coffee Nib" candies, a bittersweet candy attempting to capture the bittersweetness that makes up the foundation of most coffee. A bit like burned caramel, the candied bittersweetness disappears shortly in the finish of light roasts. Full City develops a cacao tone paring well with dense sweetness, and makes a near-perfect espresso in my opinion. Amazing bittersweet cocoa flavors, with both sweetness and brightness piqued.


    The finish is very sweet, vacillating between a flavor of liquid brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate syrup. A structuring tea-like acidity. Extremely well-balanced coffee, with a brown sugary coat on the tongue, hint of citrus aftertaste. Upfront milk chocolate and cacao, big bodies, sweet toffees, ideal for daily consumption/espresso/ automatic machine. 

    Costa Rica Helsar - Sonia Vega

    Filtered / Espresso
    Costa Rica - Sonia Vega

    Our beans are roasted to order as we want to produce the best to our coffee drinkers. We currently roast twice a week on Tuesday and Sundays. When orders are received before 5pm on the day prior to the roasting day, we will send out the coffee within 3 working days from the date of roast. We cup the coffees after each roast before we bag them, hence we can only send out the beans earliest on the following day after the roast. You will receive an email/sms notification when the coffee is sent. Do let us know if you did not receive your order.


    For orders before Tuesday 5pm , your orders will be sent out on Wednesday. 


    For orders before Sunday 5pm, your orders will be sent out on Monday. No coffees will be sent on weekends since the Post Office will not handle any incoming mails, but all orders will be posted out on Mondays instead.


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