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  • Farm: Bebeka Estate

    Varietal: Geisha

    Processing: Natural Process

    Altitude: 1368m

    Town / City: Gesha

    Region: Bench Maji Zone


    Notes: Jasmine, Chamomile, Lingering Floral on the nose


    We brought this delicate coffee into Singapore with our coffee roaster friend to share how this amazing coffee around.  This exceptional Geisha variety offers jasmine, rose, and chamomile up front. Rock candy sweetness moves into notes of strawberry jam, blueberry, and hints of citrus. Complex in flavor with a balanced, medium body, this coffee has a smooth mouthfeel, with chocolate notes in the clean finish.


    Gesha, an Arabica varietal, yields a coffee of fabled flavor and intensity. Though many associate it with Panama and other Central/South American countries, it is an indigenous plant first discovered near the village of Gesha, Ethiopia.


    Bebeka Estates near Gesha produces a natural processed Geisha coffee, whereas most other countries wash their Geishas. In addition, at Bebeka Estates, they sort the beans until the coffee meets Grade 1 quality, which is rare for natural processed coffees. Horizons Plantations, owners of Bebeka Estates, invest in their workers’ education and are committed to improving infrastructure as the means of pursuing outstanding coffee. Meticulous care is given to picking, drying, and sorting.


    In Ethiopia, coffee production is divided into four types: forest, semi-forest, garden, and plantation. Approximately 95% of these coffees can be considered as organic, though not officially certified. The Bench Maji zone falls into the Forest coffee category. Self-sown, shaded by natural forest trees, these coffees offer great diversity, well adapted to their environment and yielding exceptional aromas and flavors. Only 10% of Ethiopian coffee is forest grown.

    The air in the growing regions of Ethiopia is heavy with the scent of coffee flowers--like jasmine and orange flowers, and yet not at all like. Coffee’s origin is shrouded in mystery but is believed to have begun in Ethiopia, where heirloom varieties still grow wild beside the road. As the story goes, a drowsy goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were perkier after nibbling on the coffee trees, and tried the cherry for himself. Caffeine was discovered, and coffee’s epic began.

    Ethiopia Bebeka Estate Geisha

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