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  • Enjoy weekly subscription at $16 dollars. Each batch of coffee is roasted every Tuesday and Sunday.


    1. Postage is inclusive of $16 dollars.

    2. Selecting the number of quantity will determine the frequency/length of your choice Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly. Our System does not deduct your credit card monthly, it is based on the number of the quantity you have selected. 


    Example 1: If you have ordered on 1st June and selected from the box Quantity (2) for Weekly $16 x 2 = $32. We will deliver to you on the (1) 2nd and (2) 3rd week of June. 


    Example 2: If you ordered on 15th June and selected from the box Quantity (3) for Twice a month $16 x 3 = $48. We will send out on (1) 17th June, (2) 1st of July, (3) 21st July.


    Example 3: If you ordered on 28th June and selected from the box Quantity (4) for Monthly $16 x 4 = $64. We will send out on the (1) 1st of July, (2) 1st of August, (3) 1st of September, (4) 1st of October.


    Should you wish to delay the your shipment of coffee, do contact us at either or WhatsApp 98894598. Your shipment of coffee can be delayed up to a maximum holding period of 1 year. All subscriptions are strictly non-refundable.

    Subscribe Specialty Coffee at $16 for once a week

    Filter / Espresso - 250g
    Choose your Specialty Region
    Number of Months

    This segment here allows you to order and receive your favourite fresh coffee at your own pace, weekly / monthly / twice a month.


    You can decide to have your coffee sent to you every week. Kindly select the number of months you would like to receive.

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