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  • Designed in German, made in China. Original from Siemens.



    Filtered tap water can be directly consumed

    Ceramic activated carbon composite filter, the precision of 0.2 microns

    Natural water purification expert: native deep-sea natural soil, natural harmless, use with peace of mind

    1. Coconut shell activated carbon: removal of large particles of impurities in the water,

    2. Activated carbon adsorption began to effectively absorb the residual chlorine in the water

    3. Efficient and durable: double the amount of water to fully meet the domestic water; clean as new 

    4. Properties in the filter process to convert water to slightly Alkaline


    Why purchase Siemen Water Purifier?

    Multi-stage composite filter, no electricity, no wastewater, food-grade material, the filter can be cleaned. The water Purifier is made of tough plastic material and lightweight for ease on your water tap burden

    Easy to set up, safe space for your kitchen

    All tools needed for set up provided Change Filter every 6 months or when the filter becomes dark brown or when the sensor light turns red.

    SIEMENS Water Purifier / Household / Kitchen Faucet Filter / Tap Water Purifier

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