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  • This coffee came about when we spent 21 days in New Zealand, traveling the South of New Zealand cafe hopping in search for the best coffee. This coffee blend best eminded us of the vibrant coffee scene of New Zealand. The ground smell and taste of coffee are just unforgettable.


    If you are looking for a unique coffee blend that gives a good body, sweet honey flavors, with Mild acidity, without the tobacco flavors, with a mild body. This is the right coffee for you. As we are not strangers to blends. Different coffee has different density and extreme sizes variations. To achieve the best results, we cupped our Espresso blend more than 50 times just to get the right proportion and best results. This coffee has been around for the past 3 years.

    Region : Inza Cauca

    Brazil Fazenda
    Region: Rainha

    We recommend this coffee
    Espresso / Flat White *Double Shot
    Notes: Toasted Nuts, Soft, Smooth & Creamy, Mild acidity and body, very sweet aftertaste.

    Sweet Monkey I Espresso Blend

    Roast Profile

    Our beans are roasted to order as we want to produce the best to our coffee drinkers. We currently roast twice a week on Tuesday and Sundays. When orders are received before 5pm on the day prior to the roasting day, we will send out the coffee within 3 working days from the date of roast. We cup the coffees after each roast before we bag them, hence we can only send out the beans earliest on the following day after the roast. You will receive an email/sms notification when the coffee is sent. Do let us know if you did not receive your order.


    For orders before Tuesday 5pm , your orders will be sent out on Wednesday. 


    For orders before Sunday 5pm, your orders will be sent out on Monday. No coffees will be sent on weekends since the Post Office will not handle any incoming mails, but all orders will be posted out on Mondays instead.

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